Please ask John for phone numbers of recent customers who can attest to phenomenal results.  A call and discussion with people who have worked with him will give you a much more detailed picture of what you can expect.  What follows is a sample of informal texts and emails John has recently received:

Jenna totaled 2160 on her june 2014 SAT.  It is above 2200 with the super score from March.  I can’t thank you enough for working with her to practice and guide her.  Andrew will be next.  Fantastic job!  Jim F.  Rosyln Heights

Hi John, I want to let you know that Samantha got her SAT scores back. She increased her overall superstore to now 2230. And yes, 800 in writing!  Needless to say she is extremely excited about this and so are Lisa and I, and we truly appreciate everything that you have done to help make her successful on this test through out the year.  Take care and we look forward to staying in touch.  Neil G.  Jericho 

Hey John, I got a 1900 on my SAT.  I’m very excited and happy with it!  You’ve been a great help and I look forward to improving the Math and Reading so we can crack 2000.  Enjoy your holidays and I will see you next Monday.   Matt F.  Dix Hills

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for Matthew.  I can’t tell you how happy we are. Matthew is floating on air!  You did an amazing job with him.  Thank you again.  I will email you about my other son soon.  Patrizia P.  Garden City

I hope it is not too early to message you, but I’m so excited to tell you that Liz scored 2250.  We can’t believe it.  You got her score up 210 points.  Perfect Reading, 730 Writing and 720 Math.  We are a little worried now because if she scores any higher we are going to have to go through with our promise and buy her a car!  She is going for 2400.  We thank you again.  I really mean that.  I’m just so happy that we have you and thank you for taking us on so late in the game.  Sharon L.  Northport – (daughter eventually received almost a millions dollars in scholarships including full rides to Fordham, Siena, Albany, 30,000 a year to Chicago University, and acceptance to Columbia.1

Steven got a 740 on the math section to make a 1400 2 part score.  Thank you!!!  Liz H. Northport

Full scholarship to Stony Brook.  Raymond J.  Roosevelt

Good news, Alex scored 130 points higher this time, for a score of 1850.  She could not have done it without your help.  Pauline E.  Glen Head

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.  Joe A.  Woodbury

Hi John, gave your number to one of Justin’s friends.  I have a feeling you will be getting a lot of calls from my friends.  We are happy to recommend you, highly.  Sharon G.  Huntington

John, we just got Joelle’s scores on the SAT.  She got a total of 1810.  She went up in everything. We are very happy, thank you so much.  With your continued help we are hoping for another 200 points to bring her to 2000.  Angelin  Kings Park

Great ACT Scores!  33 Composite.  Hopefully we can still bring that up even further.  Mary Ellen O. Kings Park

OK.  We are a little in shock!!!!  Matt scored a 32.  Omg!!!  Thanks.  Cindy S.  Dix Hills

Hi John, John did GREAT!  My other son is going to love you.  Liz H.  Northport

Hi John, Just wanted to let you now that Kelly got her scores back:  700 Math, 730 Reading and 800 Writing!  Thank you so much for all your help.  Barbara T.  New Hyde Park

John, I scored 2270 this time!  I think it was such a significant increase from last time that I won’t need to take the test again.  Umer Z.  New Hyde Park

Meagan scored 2340!  We will be visiting Yale and Berkley.  Karon M.  Commack

John, Wanted to share the good news.  Brian got an 1840.  He’s very happy.  Ellen D.  St. James

John tutored both my daughters and improved their SAT scores over 250 points, We were very pleased with the results.  Margaret M.  Wantaugh

Did Nikki tell you she went up to 27 on the ACT, and she got a 28 in the Reading with your method!!  Thanks, we are all so grateful.  Christine A.  Northport

Hi John, Mel’s SAT score this time was 1720, and super scored she is now up above 1800.  Math was 650, 100 points better than last time!  Lisa B.  Glen head

I’ve used other tutors in the past, and let me say, you are fantastic!  You are laid back, easy to relate to, and hit on the most crucial concepts.  Karen S.  Jericho

Last week Trent heard from his two safe schools, BU and Fordham.  Both Accepted him, phew!  But just yesterday he got letters of acceptance from Yale, Brown and Princeton!  We are blown away.  Thank you for everything!  Lauretta K.  Wantaugh

Happy New Year!  Just wanted to write to let you know that Emilie was accepted to the Cornell College of Engineering for early decision.  She’s so happy and relieved!  Thank you for all your assistance tutoring her for the SAT.  I will be in touch with you over the summer for my next daughter.  Betty C.  Islip

Nick got an 800 on Math.  Thanks for all your help!  Carolyn M.  Merrick

Hey John!  Nick has a superstore of 2250!  Woohoo!!!  Thanks for everything.  I will see you in 2 years for my daughter.  Hoping for a perfect score from her.  Mary Jo P.  St. James

Dear John,  We must thank you!  Sam went up from the PSAT score of 1770 to 1820 on the SAT, which was good, but now with your extra tutoring he went up for the second SAT to 2010!  We are ecstatic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Karen S.  Jericho