About me


John Daciuk received a Masters Degree in teaching from Stony Brook University in 2009 and is a certified NYS teacher.  He began tutoring five years ago without the intention of working with more than a handful of students, but was soon overwhelmed with the response he got. Students were drawn to his sense of humor, dedication and breadth of knowledge.  John also began to relish the opportunity to teach critical thinking and problem solving.  The freedom he had to create his own approach to teaching and the appreciation he got from students inspired him to start his own business in 2009.

John is deeply intrigued by the connections between subjects.  He shows students not only how what they are learning is relevant to them, but also how it can be fascinating.  John enjoys learning about math, physics, literature, history, anthropology, philosophy, and evolutionary biology.  He also enjoys cycling, cooking, chess, traveling, music, hiking and making art.