How Tutoring Works

Everyone agrees that the focus of standardized test prep should be to efficiently achieve the maximum increase in scores; however, parents and students are often confused about how exactly to do this.  As test scores have come to have more importance for college admissions, test prep has become a large industry, which has actually further added to the confusion.

I strive to provide my students with an honest solution to test prep that is not a gimmick or shortcut.  I empower students by teaching them intuitive strategies and precisely what content and skills are being tested.  I prepare my students to know the test cold, so that at a glance they can see through problems and execute.  I motivate my students to practice, and with a complete collection of past released tests, digitally organized, I’m able to home in on my students’ weaknesses.  I use the questions from past exams as a starting point each tutoring session; after I see how my students react, I adapt and craft a lesson that will inspire my students to think critically and give them insight that will serve them well into the future. My experience working with 75 students per year for the last 6 years leaves an impression on students when it counts, on test day.